Community driven Classless MMO Framework. Proudly founded by Lushen
and based on AzerothCore and TrinityCore💛


Why AstoriaCore?

Based on Quality

Based on TrinityCore and AzerothCore, AstoriaCore is a safe and efficient choice for your project. No matter if you have 10 players, 100 players or 1000 players. Choose AstoriaCore and you are on the right track! Have fun and share your work!

Open Source

AstoriaCore's mother AzerothCore & TrinityCore are open source. We trust in this way of development and want to continue it. Without the work of these two teams, we would not exist. Therefore all our code is released under the GNU AGPL 3.0 and GNU GPL 2.0 licenses.

Community driven

Our code is freely visible to all and can be edited via pull requests. Developers from all over the world, from all countries and nationalities come together and bring their identity and strength to this project. Become a part of it.

Build something Amazaing with us!

TrinityCore vs AzerothCore - Differences

Selfcoded = Coded exclusively by our Developers for AstoriaCore. These Scripts are nowhere on the Internet to be found except for our Github.

AstoriaCore (TrinityCore)

This is the Source we applied the most fixes, custom Scripts, DBC / DB work to. The overall content playability is way less then on AzerothCore but the Custom Systems work a lot better and they are all fully implemented and working. (Except the PrestigeSystem, which is highly WIP!). With this Version you need to focus on fixing Blizzlike Content instead of coding custom Systems for your Classless Server.

Added Classless Features:
- High Risk System (selfcoded)
- Prestige System (selfcoded)
- Classless System (OS & selfcoded)
- Book of Ancient Knowledge (selfcoded)
- NPC Rate Manager (selfcoded)
- GM Command Logger (selfcoded, WIP)
- Racial Picking System (selfcoded)
- Transmogrification (Rochet2's)
-  ELUNA LUA Engine (Rochet2's)

AstoriaCore (AzerothCore)

This is the Source we switched to, shortly before the Project came to its end. This Source has an awesome (Blizzlike) Content playability, because of thousands of fixes from the Sunwell and AzerothCore Team. However, this Source does not come with all of our Custom Scripts and the existing ones (Classless & Resource System) is not fully ported over and has some bugs (Look @ Github).

Added Classless Features:
- High Risk System (selfcoded)
- Transmogrification (Rochet2's)
- Individual XP Module (AC)
- LUA Engine Modue (AC/Rochet2)
- Classless System (WIP)

© AstoriaCore 2021 ● Proudly based on AzerothCore & TrinityCore 💛